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With this FREE Gift, you get the worksheets that are the consulting tools from the "Claim Your Acres of Diamonds" program.  You can use these worksheets to bring to the surface your strengths, interests, resources, and more.  With that information, you are armed to begin digging up you "Acres of Diamonds." 

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In the story Acres of Diamonds, Russell Cronwell tells the story of Ali, who sold his farm and went of in a quest for diamonds and fortune.  While Ali searched for years - and ended up poor and devastated - the person who bought Ali's farm DID find diamonds & happiness in the stream on what had been Ali's  farmland.  

Our opportunities and fortunes are often right in our own backyard, waiting to be claimed.  The program is designed to help you find the wealth you seek - you may be surprised to find your fortune in your backyard. The program is designed to help you do just that.  The "best of the book" worksheets can start you on your way. 

"It's like a High-Priced Consultant in a Box. Except there's no hourly fee and I don't have to go anywhere.  I can use the worksheets at my own pace and at my own place!   -  Jerry, CA 

The full "Claim Your Acres of Diamonds" Program includes the worksheets and much more.  The program is designed to help you start-up or step-up a business you already have, while you beef-up your income.  In addition to the worksheets you receive for FREE, the "Claim Your Acres of Diamonds" Program includes:
-  Informative & inspirational eBook
-  3 digital DVDs
-  Worksheets & Samples from our $1,000 program


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