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16 Ways to Use Video Marketing

Inside 16 Ways to Use Video Marketing.  Learn 

  • The basic videos that every website should include.
  • Videos you can use to build trust and encourage prospects to say "Yes".
  • To save time with videos that provide information your clients want.
  • How product demonstrations grow your sales (Hey this works for QVC & HSN!)
  • And more. . .

Outpace the competition. 

Grab Attention.  Create Interest. 
Build Desire and Inspire Action in the solutions YOU provide . . . 

With DIY Videos. 



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5 Desk Resource Lead Generation & Email Marketing Cheat Sheets

As a businessperson, there's sooo much to do. 
Lead Generation & Email Marketing are important,

So our gift is 5 Cheat Sheets to save you time and make you money.  

Make your FREE $0.00 "purchase" so we can track your interests and better serve you. 

Want to talk about your opportunities?  Schedule a FREE 30-minute meeting with me. 


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Best of the Book - Claim Your Acres of Diamonds

With this FREE Gift, you get the worksheets that are the consulting tools from the "Claim Your Acres of Diamonds" program.  You can use these worksheets to bring to the surface your strengths, interests, resources, and more.  With that information, you are armed to begin digging up you "Acres of Diamonds." 

Your FREE Gift includes 3 Worksheets
Order for $0.00 - No hidden fees - We aim to Please!

In the story Acres of Diamonds, Russell Cronwell tells the story of Ali, who sold his farm and went of in a quest for diamonds and fortune.  While Ali searched for years - and ended up poor and devastated - the person who bought Ali's farm DID find diamonds & happiness in the stream on what had been Ali's  farmland.  

Our opportunities and fortunes are often right in our own backyard, waiting to be claimed.  The program is designed to help you find the wealth you seek - you may be surprised to find your fortune in your backyard. The program is designed to help you do just that.  The "best of the book" worksheets can start you on your way. 

"It's like a High-Priced Consultant in a Box. Except there's no hourly fee and I don't have to go anywhere.  I can use the worksheets at my own pace and at my own place!   -  Jerry, CA 

The full "Claim Your Acres of Diamonds" Program includes the worksheets and much more.  The program is designed to help you start-up or step-up a business you already have, while you beef-up your income.  In addition to the worksheets you receive for FREE, the "Claim Your Acres of Diamonds" Program includes:
-  Informative & inspirational eBook
-  3 digital DVDs
-  Worksheets & Samples from our $1,000 program


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Cheat Sheets - Lead Generation & Email Marketing

We Promise 4 - but Deliver 5 Cheat Sheets.  :-)
Print these to use as handy desk-top references.
They'll Help You Save Time & Make More Money

  1. 90 Power Words - for Greater Influence 
  2. 20 Subject Lines That Get Opened - Must-Have
  3. 5 What's & When's To Send - for Incredible Results 
  4. 12 Touches to the Close - Fortune IS in Follow-up
  5. 9 Types of Content to Send - to Thrill Subscribers


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Email Marketing - Rules, Templates & Samples

For a limited time only.
Email Marketing - Rules, Templates & Samples,

that we use with clients 

This is available as an ebook just for our friends & followers.
Normally priced at $57 - for Saving Time & Making Money.

Email Marketing - Rules, Templates & Samples, you get just what you need to Rock your Conversions.  
It's a one-stop resource for writing emails that convert.  To action.  To building relationships.   And to Get Sales. 

The handy 8 Types of Emails is a handy Cheat Sheet to print and keep at your desk.  Add it to the other Cheat Sheets and Resources from "Queen of Small Business," Barbara Loraine.  


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Lead Generation for OMG ROI

Hey Superstar,

Do you want to start a business or grow a business you already have?

You know the Internet gives you opportunities for traffic.  You hear a lot about getting traffic from Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

You can work at getting Organic traffic or you can pay for it.  But if you don't do this ONE THING, all your time and money will be wasted!

You can send traffic to your website and some will buy - but not as many as what COULD BUY . . . if you do this ONE THING.

Industry standards say that only 2% of first-time visitors buy.  What happens to the other 98%!?

Research shows that over 50% of people need to hear from or about you SEVEN TIMES before they buy.

It takes time for people to see you as an authority, to see that you understand and care about them, and to trust you.

Imagine what can happen to your business if you did effective follow-up, sending the other 98% content that Wows them, helps them solve problems before they've spent a dime.  The odds improve that they buy from you, right?

There is a way to stay in touch, to give prospects what they need and want, to set the odds in your favor - so that more of your leads WILL BUY.

That's where Lead Generation for OMG ROI comes in!  


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